Outdoor Blinds can reduce the energy consumption of your home

In recent times people are more and more concerned about the energy usage of their homes and are often looking for ways to reduce the energy consumption and ultimately save some cash!

Did you know that installing outdoor blinds can save you energy?

Installing outdoor blinds is more than just a cosmetic choice, they’re an eco-friendly choice too. This of course can help with the environment and your bank balance.

Host weather, as is so common in Perth and the surrounding Western Australia area often means people resort to air conditioning to keep their house comfortable. But installing blinds can help lower the temperature, it is estimated that you gain 35% of the home’s heat through the window – so this simple change can mean you’re running the air conditioning less.

On the flip side when the weather takes a turn for the worse in the cooler months, the blinds also help insulate the windows which reduce the amount of time you need to use your heating.

Outdoor Blinds in Perth

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